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How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? This is the true indicator of if your relationship with your partner is a healthy one!

I will be sharing some ideas and insights into your overall wellness, or lack of, if you are in a toxic relationship and how it can fester and grow into other parts of your life.

For some people it may be really obvious to recognize distress or toxic feelings within yourself but for others it can take a while to figure out or even needs to be pointed out by others, friends, family or work colleagues.  If you are feeling insecure, doubtful or you may be experiencing over-whelming anxiety, but you may not know why your are having this anxiety, you may be thinking it is related to an outside source like your work or a financial problem but you cannot pinpoint the heart of it.  Most likely it is coming from your relationship!

If you are struggling in your relationship, we, the authors believe you have three choices :

  • To continue as is
  • To stay – but make significant changes, or
  • To leave
Sophie S Fort

Sophie S Fort

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Our book “Is Love Enough” is a down to earth, realistic approach to figuring out what you can do if you’re unhappy or worried about your relationship. It’s a step by step guide to making your relationship and consequently your life a better one.

When we want something to work with all of our heart, we can overlook things that need to be seen, things we must pay attention to. This book helps you to identify those things

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