The gift of COVID-19

The gift of covid 19 right now is giving you that time to get your head around your toxic relationship.  You can put stress and tension for a few hours when he comes home from work, but four weeks in lockdown together, 24/7 will be enough to send you over the edge if you are already having serious doubts about how you feel and your relationship.

All of a sudden you have this time, these doubts and lots of questions.  There are added stresses at this time with financial pressures, loss of jobs, loss of direction, being confined in a small space for weeks on end.

 All of this can be bad enough but times that by a million if you are having constant arguments, being criticized, intimidated, ignored or feeling unsafe.   This has another level again of difficulty and complications if you have children in the home.  The level of stresses is amped up and your children are watching everything that is happening! 

Right now we are being forced to examine our home lives, our boundaries and value beliefs.   It is time to really question all of these and if you are happy within yourself and your relationship?  Our book “Is love enough” can help you answer these questions!  I have also found this website below for you to get some really helpful perspective on toxic relationships.

“Toxic relationships regularly make you feel drained, depressed, and hopeless.  How do you know if you are in a toxic relationship or if you are just in a “rough patch” in an essentially healthy relationship? Stress, exhaustion, anxiety or worry and other life factors can put a strain on even the best relationships. But a healthy relationship will rally because the partners in it will feel essentially supported, cared for, and validated”

Betty from Relationship Elements

No one wants to be in a toxic relationship but sadly we can find ourselves stuck in the very heart of one and sometimes it seems to of crept up so quickly – then bang……you are in it!  We really want to help you figure this out and start making some choices.  The good ones, which are right for you. 

Sophie S Fort

Sophie S Fort

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