Lasso your cowboy tradie!



Have you had a terrible experience with a tradie? Been taken for a ride, ripped off, had really bad work done and then had to deal with no shows, stone-walling and every excuse under the sun?  Have you lost a lot of money?

I have, and I became do disempowered and angry! It was driving me crazy and I was sick of dealing with this person who caused me lots of stress and heartache. He also had my money! I came up with a plan to out him.

It actually worked, and I got nearly all of my money back- and him out of my life! Now I have put together a way for you to try and do this as well. To empower yourself and shame this person who has brought drama and stress in to your life.

This is a easy step by step document showing you exactly how to find where your Bad Tradie advertises and promotes their business.  It shows you how to easily create a facebook page to shame them and show what their real skills are – the bad ones!  It helps you to feel empowered and get some control back when right now you are feeling fragile, disempowered, angry and ashamed of how you let this person in to your home.  I want to help you shift that feeling!


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