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  • Healing from toxic - empowerment & wellbeing course
    Empowerment Course

    Healing from toxic – Empowerment & well-being course❤️

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    We all have our own unique story and journey we have travelled.  I hope to have captured all the tools you need personally to begin healing through this course as we work step by step through a process of challenging yourself and developing your personal skills.  To become aware of your beautiful inner strength and to choose differently! 


    Topics we will cover

    Exhaustion *missed opportunities,

    *not knowing different, *denial

    *self worth, *shame & its hold over you

    *Role modelling. *Anxiety *suppressed emotions

    *Fear *Boundaries, *Deal breakers/red flags

    *family harm cycles


    Getting unstuck

    The feeling – where it sits in your body – the effect

    The process, believing in yourself and hope again

    The journey and discovery

    Nesting, breathing, meditating, creating

    Moving forward, growth


    I will be available for direct messaging during this five day course if you need some advice or encouragement.  Sophie xx

    All prices are in US Dollars. 




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