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Invalidation in toxic relationships

Invalidation is a common theme in toxic relationships.  What is invalidation and how do I manage it within my relationship?  Emotional invalidation is when a

Resentment in toxic relationships

Facing the reality of being in a toxic relationship.  This is quite a shameful, humiliating feeling of defeat.  We never entered this relationship looking for

The gift of COVID-19

The gift of covid 19 right now is giving you that time to get your head around your toxic relationship.  You can put stress and

Toxic relationship help

How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? This is the true indicator of if your relationship with your partner is a healthy one! I

Denial and toxic families

The far-reaching and ongoing factors of family violence and a toxic environment keep triggering us or rearing its ugly head as we continue leading our

I Promise to Change?

So you need your partner to be different. They keep saying they will, and you so badly want to believe them! But…how long will you

It’s not about the Nail

If we don’t know how to communicate whats’s important to us and how we can get our needs met, relationships become hard work and misunderstandings