Are You in a Toxic Relationship?

Are you in a toxic relationship? How do you know if love is enough to stay and continue this way or is it time to let go or make drastic changes? “I promise I will change”. How many times have you heard this? How many times do you need to hear it? Are you stuck in a toxic cycle where promises are made but nothing is changing or improving?

Change begins to happen when you feel his words put into action and your relationship begins to feel hopeful. When you communicate effectively and listen to each other.

Resentment can build up over time and can be defined as deeply held feelings of anger, sadness and mistrust, it usually occurs when someone feels they are not being taken seriously, are unheard, not appreciated, or feel that necessary apologies have not been given genuinely or received at a crucial time in the relationship. When you needed to hear it!

If you keep having repetitive arguments, hostile silences, constant frustration and negative feelings or thoughts about your partner it is not going to get better if it continues on the same way, this is a toxic environment for you both and if you have children, they will be living this to. This cycle needs to change and you need to monitor that change to get positive results.

You both need to walk the talk, action what you say you will do, to see and feel a shift in behaviour that proves genuine positive steps are being taken in the right direction. It is hard work living in a toxic environment, it takes its toll on you physically and emotionally and will continue in a downward spiral unless you seek and action change.

Sophie S Fort

Sophie S Fort

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