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Is your relationship toxic? Find out how to know where it's going wrong and what you can do about it.

Have the burden lifted away once you assess where you stand in your relationship

Growth Exercises

Taking you step by step through a process of challenging yourself and developing personal skills

Children Matter!

Positive role modelling and breaking abusive cycles


What you will need if you decide to leave your relationship

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Have your three choices answered: To continue as is; to stay in the relationship but make significant changes; to leave. Understand your worth as a valuable person with easy to understand growth exercises.
Gain insight with professional coaches to understand toxic relationships within a small group of people experiencing similar problems.

Are you in a Toxic Relationship?

Are you in a relationship where you are spending all your energy to fix it?

Do you feel good in the relationship most of the time?

Are you at a stage in your relationship where you both are committed to creating a new way of interacting?

Why is love such hardwork sometimes? Just how hard is love meant to be?

"Is Love Enough?" Book

Learn new ways to improve the health of your relationship

A necessary & informative book if you are trying to make a decision about your relationship

Growth exercises taking you step by step through a process of challenging yourself and developing personal skills

Recognising toxic behaviours and being confident with knowing this

A simple straight to the point book that anyone can read with clear and concise information

Key points at the end of each chapter to ingrain what you have learnt and for easy reference

As humans, we require love to feel wanted, needed and fulfilled.
Sometimes, to continue with something is not good for you. Only you know what that point is. Listen to that…its trying to help you.

Living in an unhealthy environment of anger and resentment, combined with feelings of anxiety and self-doubt will leave you feeling drained and insecure. We can help you

Counselling Sessions

Relationship Health

Gain insight in to the health of your relationship!

Regain your Identity

We help you to regain your identity by rebuilding your self esteem and resilience

Growth Exercises

Guiding you through our most powerful and transforming growth exercises.

Q&A Time

This is especially catered for you to ask any relationship questions you have to our experts.


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Sophie S Fort

The gift of COVID-19

The gift of covid 19 right now is giving you that time to get your head around your toxic relationship.  You can put stress and

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