We are so happy you are here as we understand toxic and know what it's like when Love is not enough….

Both my sister and I have gone through a toxic relationship but we have come out the other side. And now we are here to guide you through your own journey so you can see the love, peace, and prosperity that’s waiting for you on the other side, or assisting you to turn your current relationship into a healthy one.

Are you in a Toxic Relationship?

Do you feel unhappy or unwanted in the relationship, most of the time?

Do you wonder why your partner withholds intimacy?

Do you spend all your energy trying to fix it?

Do you ask yourself, “Why am I always doing things wrong? Maybe I just deserve this?”

Is only one of you committed to creating a new way of interacting?

Do others question why you're in a relationship?

If you resonated or could silently nod your head “Yes” to any of these questions, here are some ways we can help!

Growth Tools

Be taken by the hand and go step by step through a process of challenging yourself, developing confidence, and building self-esteem. Find out how to reclaim your identity and self-worth with a series of personal skills and exercises and building awareness about healthy relationship.

Children Matter

Learn how to be a positive role model and to break abusive cycles so your children don’t experience what you have been through. Toxic stress and childhood wounds can have damaging effects on learning, behaviour, and health issues that follow into adulthood.

Your Entrepreneurial Calling

Receive the tools and support to nurture your dreams and thrive as you wish, without judgment or ridicule. Have a positive environment where you can become your own success story and feel empowered.

Your Relationship

Have tips and strategies for you to stay and work on your relationship if you and your partner choose to. Learn what are healthy boundaries, strengthen communication skills, and practice trust-building exercises.


Healing from toxic - empowerment & wellbeing course



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IS LOVE ENOUGH? Soft Cover Book


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Your 3 Step Plan To Transformation

1). Pick up The Book "Is Love Enough?" - Today!

Have your three choices answered: To continue as is; stay in the relationship but make significant changes; or to leave. Plus:

Obtain practical advice, encouragement, and strategies to help you make an informed decision, gain confidence and control of your life

Growth exercises to inspire you to focus on what is needed to move toward the life you deserve

Recognizing toxic behaviors and learn to make healthy decisions for yourself and your children

Insight on if you should continue to stay in the relationship or to let go and reclaim your life.

2). Sign up for our course: " Healing From Toxic-Empowerment and Well-Being"

Relationship Health

Gain insight on what's a healthy and what’s a toxic relationship. Strong social connections help us to navigate our stressors, solve problems and overcome adversity. Building positive relationships affect both our physical and mental health.

Regain Your Identity

Rebuild your self-esteem and resilience by challenging your negative thoughts to identify your strengths and ensure that you believe in your capacity to bounce back from painful experiences.

Growth Exercises

Receive guidance through our most powerful and transforming growth tools. Every time you do the work you are becoming enlightened to who and what you are, the true nature of your being.

Q&A Time

This is specially catered for you to ask any related questions you have to our experts.

3). Join our Free Private Facebook Group

Develop self-worth and awareness during or after a toxic relationship.

Be among a supportive community of other women who have gone or are going through similar situations.

Learn to understand and say “No” to toxic behaviours.

Find clarity and encouragement if you’re going through or thinking of divorce, separation, or just wanting a healthier relationship.

Receive free resources, education and support!



Have your three choices answered: To continue as is; to stay in the relationship but make significant changes; to leave. Understand your worth as a valuable person with easy to understand growth exercises.

This course is designed to help and inspire you to function at your highest level, to believe in your best self.  To grow compassion and love towards yourself and to be challenged and empowered. 

As humans, we require love to feel wanted, needed and fulfilled.

Sometimes in life, we need to let go in order to get to something better. Listen to your intuition. It’s there for a reason.

Living in an unhealthy environment of anger and resentment, combined with feelings of anxiety and self-doubt will leave you feeling emotionally drained, hurt, and unloved. If you have children, we can help you find the courage to break the abusive cycle. It’s better to come from a broken home than to live in one.

To stay or to leave?

I promise I will change he has said this so many times I can’t count, how often do you give second chances? Is your hand

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