Are you in a
toxic relationship?

How do you know if love is enough to stay and continue life this way?

      This book will help you to know.

Is it time to let go and reclaim your life, or can you learn new ways to improve the health of your relationship and therefore continue confidently into the future?

A necessary & informative book if you are trying to make a decision about your relationship...

Is Love Enough?

This book provides helpful tools & information to help you assess the health & sustainability of your relationship.

Our book "Is Love Enough" is a down to earth, realistic approach to figuring out what you can do if you're unhappy or worried about your relationship. It's a step by step guide to making your relationship and consequently your life a better one.

When we want something to work with all of our heart, we can overlook things that need to be seen, things we must pay attention to.  This book helps you to identify those things.

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Authors: Sophie S Fort & Kelly Daring


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Things to consider:

Are you in a relationship where you are spending all of your energy trying to fix it?

Do you feel good in your relationship most of the time?

Are you at a stage in your relationship where you have both hit rock bottom and are both ready and committed to creating a new way of interacting with each other?

Why is love such hard work sometimes? Just how hard is love meant to be? 

As humans, we require love to feel wanted, needed and fulfilled.

But often we can end up feeling the opposite. Knowing what healthy love is, can help us to make good decisions for ourselves.

Sometimes, to continue with something is not good for you. Only you know what that point is. Listen to that...its trying to help you.

Knowing that being in a relationship should not be constant hard work, or make you feel bad about yourself will inform you of the health of your relationship. What is your relationship like?

When you have to think about and manage every encounter with your partner for fear of causing conflict....something isn't right. It really can be better than this.

When we are unclear about who we are, and what we will accept, others will recognise this in us and may abuse this knowledge. By developing strong boundaries, we can take better care of ourselves and what we value.

Living in an unhealthy environment of anger and resentment, combined with feelings of anxiety and self-doubt will leave you feeling drained and insecure. It really can be different. For your own sake it needs to be. 


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